Hark! The New Wave

Fluid Bed Roasting

At Hark! we utilise fluid bed technology to roast our coffee beans. This is one of the rarer forms of roasting used. Fluid Bed roasting refers to the coffee beans being raised in hot air while roasting; the beans do not touch the heating element and can therefore be taken dark without burning. This results in a coffee that is dark and smooth.


Our coffee has a big body, length and produces flavours including: butter, dark chocolate, fragrant tobacco and nuttiness. In short, the resulting coffee passes through milk excellently and is delicious black.


A Clean Cup

Chaff is a waste product that is a thin skin surrounding the green beans. Fluid bed roasters use the air passing through the machine to blow out all chaff. We have added a natural vacuum via our afterburner to totally reduce chaff extraction. If chaff is left in the roasting chamber it burns, leaving an astringent flavour throughout the batch. All of this means we are able to consistently produce a very clean cup.


Try It Yourself

While it is all well and good to talk about it, we encourage everyone to come down and try the new dark wave of coffee for yourself. While you're in our shop, ask for a walkthrough of our roaster and one of our passionate staff can show you around.