Coffee / Chocolate Wholesale Enquiry


We are an Adelaide based Coffee roaster and Chocolate makers. We are passionate about roasting coffee and supporting our wholesale partners with tools we can provide to help them grow.

Our unique air-roasting* technology unleashes the x-factor in the expressive coffee and cacao beans that we source from passionate farmers from around the world.

...basically, we strive to serve memorable coffee, consistently!

We enjoy business relationships with manufacturers, cafes, offices and home users. No matter your size or scale, we have a solution that will work for you...It's what we do.

WE AREN'T JUST WHOLESALERS! We run a few cafés too, so we get the challenges you face.

Our passion for product is matched by the enjoyment we get from running hyper efficient and financially rewarding businesses. So we've developed a couple of in-house systems around brewing and serving coffee that offers huge benefits to our wholesale customers.

 Let's chat about your coffee / chocolate needs!

Cafés that we partner with benefit from our extensive machinery knowledge, full access to a comprehensive suite of training resources as well as deep dive consultation in coffee, technology, HR, business strategy and marketing.

We also offer access to an ever-growing library of training videos for you and your staff... here's a sample: 


Watch Sample: Hark Café Hacks - Episode 12 

Our vision is to be more than just another roaster... but to be an open resource for all things coffee, so that we can grow together. 

If you are interested in partnering with Hark! and would like to have chat about what best meets your needs, please book an appointment in our coffee or chocolate factories, at one of our cafés or at our HQ on Duthy Street, Malvern.

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*Air-roasting... this is our beast: