Hark Coffee - Sam Coffee Machine

"I'm interested and want to know more about getting Hark! in my café/espresso bar, what can you offer and what's the next step"?
Hark! was designed to provide the best coffee with the best service. We have various options for cafés looking to use Hark! We are a one stop shop for beans, machines and everything in between.

We provide cafés with the machinery we would be comfortable using in producing a high end product. We also know that some café owners already have their machines and love them. This shows us your commitment level to producing good coffee and we think you should be rewarded for this.
Hark! will periodically hold cupping sessions to give people the opportunity to grow in their understanding of coffee. By using Hark! you are automatically invited to these sessions. We are not just a roaster and supplier to the cafés that sell our product but an open resource for all things coffee.
If you are interested in partnering with Hark! and would like to have chat about what best meets your needs, please contact:
Sam McKay